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Interactive XBX
Fitness Plan for Women
Interactive XBX Fitness Plab for Women
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Fitness Plan for Women

We are proud that for the first time an interactive XBX fitness plan is provided for women. XBX requires little time and space, no equipment, and no cost, so you can: Do it alone-at home-at any time. Form your own fitness club. Make XBX a part of your daily or weekly get together with "the girls". Have your family work on fitness together. It can be fun.

There are countless reasons for being fit. YOU know how you feel. EVERYONE knows how you look. Regular exercise can improve YOUR sense of well being and your appearance.

Fitness is necessary for the fullest enjoyment of living.

The XBX Plan is a physical fitness program composed of four charts of ten exercises, arranged in progressive order of difficulty. The ten exercises on each chart are always performed in the same order, and in the same maximum time limits. The charts are divided into levels. There are 48 levels in all, 12 in each chart. The levels are numbered consecutively, starting with 1 at the bottom of Chart I and ending with 48 at the top of Chart IV. In addition to the regular exercises, two supplementary exercises are available for Charts I, II, and III. These exercises are for the muscles of the feet and ankles and for those muscles which assist in the maintenance of good posture.

Interactive-XBX provides the information from all these charts and makes it easy of use for you.

To do how to use this site for doing the exercise please visit Instructions page.

Before becoming a member, please know about the Rules and be sure that this plan is for you.

fitness plan for women
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