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Interactive XBX
Fitness Plan for Women
Interactive XBX Fitness Plab for Women
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What the Exercises Are For

The XBX will improve your general physical condition by:
increasing muscle tone;
increasing muscular strength;
increasing muscular endurance;
increasing flexibility; and
increasing the efficiency of your heart.

Each exercise is included because of its contribution in one or more of these areas.

The first four exercises are primarily to improve and maintain flexibility and mobility in those areas of the body which are usually neglected. They also serve as a warm-up for the more strenuous exercises which follow.

Exercise 5 is for strengthening the abdominal region and the muscles of the fronts of the thighs.

Exercise 6 exercises the long muscles of the back, the buttocks, and the backs of the thighs.

Exercise 7 concentrates on the muscles on the sides of the thighs. These muscles get very little work in routine daily activities, or indeed in most sports.

Exercise 8 is primarily for the arms, shoulders, and chest, but at the same time exercises the back and abdomen.

Exercise 9 is partly for flexibility in the waist area and for strengthening the muscles of the hips and sides.

Exercise 10, the run-in-place with jumping, while exercising the legs, is primarily for the conditioning of the heart and lungs. The two supplementary exercises are included for those who wish to do a little more. One exercise is for strengthening the muscles of the feet and the ankle joint. The other is for those muscles of the back and abdomen which assist in the maintenance of posture.

fitness plan for women
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