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Interactive XBX
Fitness Plan for Women
Interactive XBX Fitness Plab for Women
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This is a plan for age groups between 7 to 55. If you have any doubt as to your capability to undertake this program, see your medical adviser. You should not perform fast, vigorous, or highly competitive physical activity without gradually developing, and continuously maintaining, an adequate level of physical fitness, particularly if you are over the age of 30.

Do the exercise evry day. XBX requires no equipment and very little space.
XBX takes only 12 minutes a day.

If for any reason you stop doing XBX for more than two weeks because of illness, vacation, or any other cause - you WILL NOT restart at the level you had attained before stopping. You WILL drop back several levels or to the next lower chart until you find a level which you can do fairly easily. Physical fitness is lost during long periods of inactivity. This is particularly true if the inactivity were caused by illness.

Do not skip any step.

Once you have reached your goal you should require only three exercise periods a week to maintain it.

The program is here - the rest is up to you.

fitness plan for women
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