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Fitness Plan for Women
Interactive XBX Fitness Plab for Women
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How XBX Was Developed

XBX is the product of extensive research into the problems of physical fitness for girls and women.

The research was conducted at several RCAF stations and in the later stages included sections of the civilian population. Over 600 girls and women of all ages participated in the project. The RCAF is indebted to these persons for their contributions to the program.

The first step in the project was the administration of a series of physical fitness tests. The tests included an examination of muscular strength and endurance, testing of heart response to activity, and measurement of fat layers. From the results of these tests the physical fitness needs of women were analyzed. Experiments were carried out with a wide variety of exercises to determine those most effective in producing the desired results. Many of these exercises were discarded as ineffectual. The ten exercises of XBX provided the most balanced and effective program.

The time limits for each exercise were varied until the optimum time for good results was determined.

Tests were conducted to arrive at the number of times each exercise could be done, and should be done, within the time limits.

The first experimental exercise programs were used by several hundred women. Periodic tests showed that XBX was an effective plan to improve levels of general fitness.

The program was then distributed to groups and to individuals across Canada for further trial and comment. Further modifications in the plan were made on the basis of this final field trial.

The results of this research are presented in this plan on this site.

fitness plan for women
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