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Interactive XBX
Fitness Plan for Women
Interactive XBX Fitness Plab for Women
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How XBX Works

Any exercise plan or program should work on the basis of an easy start and gradual progression. As physical fitness improves, the work load is increased. The XBX approach to exercise follows these principles.

XBX incorporates two methods to make the work load greater:

first - the time limit for each exercise remains the same in all charts, but the number of times the exercise is performed within this time limit is increased at each level within each chart; and

second the exercises are made more difficult from each chart to the next higher one.

On each chart you do the same exercises at each of the twelve levels but increase the number of times you do them.

As you move to the next higher chart the exercises are basically the same but have been modified and made slightly more demanding.

The XBX has been planned for gradual, painless progression.

Follow the plan as outlined in the booklet.
Do not skip levels.
Do not progress faster than is recommended.

fitness plan for women
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