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Fitness Plan for Women
Interactive XBX Fitness Plab for Women
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Based on your age, the goal of these exercise would be determined. Therefore, Each age group is given a physical fitness goal to attain; that is, a level which they should try to reach.

The registration information will send to the email address you entered at registeration.

You need to enter your email address and password to Login.

Every day, you will Login and get the exercices for that day. Along with the explanation of each exercise and the pictures, you will know how long you need to do each exercise and how may times. In this way it would be easy to follow your plan.

There are two supplementary exercises that you may choose to do and you will notice that they are titled between Exercises 8 and 9.

The time for doing exercices is 12 minutes per day and if you choose to do the supplementary exercises, it would be 14 minutes.

After accomplishment each 12 steps, you will be notified to record your progreass.

Note: Do not expect startling results. Fitness takes time and persistence. Couple your XBX program with a good diet, and your progress will be steady.

fitness plan for women
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